The Reader-Writer Round-Up

Rako & The Rat - Demo

In case you haven't noticed, the HITC Life hacks haven't been writing much lately. Which is good. Instead, it's you, the readers, who are writing the articles, and let us (hacks) tell you: they are good.

2009 saw a few new readers grace our virtual pages:

Alice in Numberland, who delights us with her articles on sex, love and dating (and who we therefore love).

The Accidental Accountant, who cracks us up with her hilarious observations on office life.

The Polar Roller, who rolled in at the end of the year and reports on banking in the frozen north.

Mrs A, who showed us what it was really like to go from banker to mum.

The Count, who introduced us to Rako & The Rat in the comic strip of the same name.

bobo-gal, who brought us redundancy insights from another hemisphere.

Tim Baros, who went from unemployed observationalist to employed movie critic.

Also this year:

If you'd like to join the illustrious rank of HITC reader-writers, drop us a line. All we ask is that your current or former profession be related to finance - and then you can write about whatever you'd like. And we can edit your articles from the beach.

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