So it’s the end of a decade. The UK’s in a recession, but what a ten years it’s been. We’ve witnessed the unity of Brangelina, the introduction of the Blackberry, a global economic meltdown, and the rise of fashion queen Kate Moss (although she was here long before that).

Technology gurus invented the digital camera (does anyone still use film?), flat screen TVs (do you remember how bulky TVs used to be?), Sat Nav (men will never have to stop women from asking for directions again), the iPod (are Walkmans still legal?), the stalker’s paradise that is Facebook, and the wonder that is SkyPlus (how did we ever have a social life before?).

And when HBO brings us the delight of The Sopranos, how could we possibly miss it? Not to forget Gossip Girl, Mad Men and every woman’s most anticipated movie of the decade: Sex and the City.

The phenomenon that is reality TV now dominates our screens and allows us to sit back and revel in others’ success (and failure). We were a nation gripped by Susan Boyle…and then along came Jordie Joe. We sat on our sofas and watched them rise to stardom and make their dreams come true whilst we were plagued with the Z list celebrities Down Under trying to achieve fame at any cost.

We saw the days of Sienna’s ‘boho chic’, the rise (and fall) of Britney Spears, and who can forget that Tom Cruise episode on Oprah. We observed Take That reform (is it me or are they actually bigger the second time round?), the Harry Potter marvel that put J.K. Rowling on the map, the sudden death of Michael Jackson, the tragedy of 9/11, and the world watched the inauguration of the first black president with almost as much wonder as the women now watch his wife’s outfits.

And how can we forget the nation’s sweetheart – Cheryl Cole. As I heard someone say recently, “She’s more famous than God” – and for that she deserves a mention.

And where would the world be without the iPhone? Luckily we’ve got one of those for you too.

So what do the next ten years hold? Only time will tell.

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