'I Feel Like Jesus' - Reader Comments

Here's a few comments on our controversial 'I Feel Like Jesus' article.

1. 'People seem to forget that bankers, too, have been hit by redundancies and the credit crunch'.

2. 'It's just so much more simple to pick a quick, highly visible and easy target - rather than to solve the real underlying problems'.

3. 'Success tax sums it up well. Success is sinful. If I can't have what you've got, then the government should take it away'.

4. 'This will hit many hardworking bankers, who rely on their bonuses to pay their mortgages and send their kids to university, hard. But no-one seems to care'.

5. 'What I find most irksome is all these Members of Parliament who claim the moral high ground while playing the system and screwing the tax payer on expenses'.

6. 'When will Gordon Brown acknowledge that the man who was UK Chancellor (him) for 10 years might have something to do with this mess ?'

7. 'Usual socialist nonsense of rob the so-called 'rich' to pay for unambitious layabouts. Get off your soapbox and get back to your fags and lager!'.

8. 'I did not personally cause the financial crisis, nor did my colleagues. But our industry needs a shot across its bows. My only concern is that the UK government's response is too little, too late'.

9. 'My bonus helps me to repay credit card debts and a bank overdraft. Thanks, Mr Darling, for screwing everything up for me'.

10. 'The government will get its comeuppance when the reduced bonuses stop bankers from moving home and buying new cars, which they rely on for stamp duty and VAT'.

11. 'Anyone getting a £25,000 bonus is not a 'little guy'.

12. 'He is if he works in my firm!'.

13. 'Instead of working hard to get a decent education (and a decent job in a bank), I should have spent my youth on the beach drinking beer and claiming benefits'.

14. 'Everyone needs to make sure they are on the electoral role - there can be no excuse for not voting this lot out of office'.

15. 'This tax is blatant discrimination'.

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