Bonus Tax - Your Comments

Here are a few comments we have had in on the subject of the additional one-off 50% tax to be applied to this year's bonus pool. The tax will be paid applied to banks on any bonus paid out over £25,000 ($40,000).

1. 'How ironic that guaranteed bonuses (one of the things flagged up as being a main cause of the financial crisis) are excluded from these outrageous taxes'.

2. 'The banks should make a stand - increase base salaries for a year, or pay no bonuses at all this year (doubling up in 2010). But they won't they are as spineless as this government'.

3. 'The bottom line in the UK is that manufacturing is dead, North Sea oil will run out over the next decade, and financial services is being destroyed, as top talent will undoubtedly now go overseas. I can't conceive of my children growing up in this country, and so we are off to Australia as soon as they finish school. Good riddance'.

4. 'There's a difference between talking tough on bonuses and shooting yourself in the foot. This act is a desperate attempt by Gordon Brown to get re-elected. French, German and US authorities must be delighted that London is becoming such a business unfriendly place. Those countries will keep quiet and win big when firms and individuals relocate there to do business'.

5. Where's the consistency ? The BBC effectively gets bailed out every year, and their directors still cream it with big bonuses courtesy of the taxpayer'.

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