The Most Disturbing Story We Have Ever Covered

Reuters reporter Matthew Goldstein has reviewed the quietly-released court filings of a 2007 sexual-harassment case brought by former SAC Capital Advisors trader Andrew Tong, who made a series of bizarre allegations against his former boss, portfolio manager Ping Jiang.

Many of our readers will remember the case, which hit the news when Tong claimed that Jiang made him use black-market female hormone medication in order for the trader to get in touch with his feminine side (which, Tong claimed, his boss thought would make him perform better on the trading floor). The trouble was, or so Tong alleged, the hormones made it difficult for him to perform in bed (which mattered at the time, as he and his wife were apparently attempting to have a child). The hormone medication is also said to have resulted in Tong becoming addicted to wearing women's clothing.

Now all those claims were bad enough, but as the matter fell out of the headlines when the litigation ended (apparently without money changing hands), nobody thought much more about the matter. The unearthing of the court filings has, however, brought the affair back to the attention of the public, revealing other claims made by Tong at the time, which are nothing short of, well, troubling. If even some of these allegations were true, the story would probably be the most disturbing we have ever covered. If the claims are false, they are clearly the work of a very sick mind.

Here are some of Tong's claims:

He alleges that he was encouraged to wear bras, panties, skirts and dresses at work during business hours, and he was required (on more than one occasion) to put on make-up and to model female clothing for his boss's edification.

Tong also claimed Jiang forced him to orally please him in order to get him to authorize his trades, and that Jiang would pinch his buttocks in full view of his co-workers.

Jiang was also accused of forcing Tong to go through a special 'training program', that required Tong to be tied up with ropes, urinated on, and forced to perform some oral act involving Jiang's bottom (presumably not in sight of the trading floor).

Tong claimed that Jiang instructed him to keep quiet about the 'training program', and said that, in any case, 'no one would believe you', taunting him: 'you would never humiliate yourself by admitting that I used you as my whore and my toilet'.

Jaing is understood to have left SAC Capital in 2008, but not seemingly because of anything to do with this case.

There's nowt, as they say, as queer as folks.

Sources - New York Magazine, The New York Post, Reuters

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