Top Firm Said Loading Up On Firearms In Case Of Uprising

John Lloydo

In what has got to be the one of the most ridiculous articles of the year, Bloomberg reports that senior staff over at Goldman Sachs are said to have 'loaded up on firearms' in order to prepare themselves in case 'there is a populist uprising against the bank'.

The journalist who penned the piece apparently called Goldman's head PR honcho to enquire if there was any truth to it, and didn't get a telephone call back. What a surprise. Did she really expect Goldman to dignify such nonsense with a return call ?

Look, we know that gun sales in America are generally on the up again, as fears grow that increasing unemployment over there could result in social unrest. And gun sales have also increased, of course, on the back of the terrorist threat. As The Times reported last month, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the FBI carried out more than a million background checks on behalf of US gun dealers in September (a check is required with every sale), an increase of 12.4 per cent on the same period in 2008.

So, if a few Goldman staffers (who, after all, are human too), along with the rest of the population of the United States, are buying handguns, then who can blame them ? But to imply that Goldman as a firm is collectively arming its staff against the masses (the title of the Bloomberg article is Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public) has got to be a new journalistic low in Goldman bashing. And that's saying something. When will this populist claptrap end, and why is a news agency like Bloomberg dumbing down its content in such a manner ? (Who do they think they are, Here Is The City ?)

The article also mentions that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein has upped his personal security over the last 18 months. Well, with articles like this Bloomberg one all-too-typical of the potshots being aimed at the firm these days, who the hell can blame him ? If it were me, I'd be raising a private army and fortifying perimeter fences with land mines and portable rocket launchers!

Here's the link to the Bloomberg article:

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