Who's Goldman Gonna Call ? Ghostbusters!

Goldman Ghostbusters

Goldman Sachs broke ground on its new 740-foot, 42-story headquarters building in Battery Park City, New York, on 29th November, 2005 - the very day that the US subprime borrower now identified as having caused the financial crisis submitted a work-of-fiction loan application to his mortgage broker. That surely was a bad omen.

And since that time, there have been a series of accidents at the Goldman construction site, which many feel is a sign that the firm's building may be cursed, or worse, is in need of a Ghostbusters-like cleansing.

In December 2007 (around the time that our aforementioned subprime borrower handed back the keys to his home), a crane operator accidentally dropped several tons of steel onto an office trailer below, paralyzing an architect who was working inside.

Just 6 months later, work was suspended after a 30-inch steel panel fell from the 38th floor, landing close to where young children were playing a Little League game.

Then in April this year, a carpenter's hammer fell 17 stories and smashed the rear window of a passing taxi. Fortunately, no-one was hurt.

Finally, on Saturday, a panel of glass is said to have fallen from a window, again on the 38th floor, crashing to the ground below. Again, no-one is thought to have been hurt.

One banker told Here Is The City: 'This is spooky stuff, and the firm clearly needs some help. So, who's Goldman gonna call ? Those ghostbusters, of course!' (Please see picture top right. Press on the magnifying glass to enlarge).

In the meantime, rumours that Goldman has banned staff celebrating private Christmas parties in groups of no more than 12 are said to be nonsense. A Goldman insider told us: 'The firm won't pay for holiday parties, and employees can't expense them. But there is nothing to stop anyone from taking people out at their own expense, and there is no limit on the number of people they can invite (provided they wear funny hats)'.

Finally, Chelsea Clinton has announced her engagement to long-time boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky, who used to work for - you got it - Goldman Sachs.

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