Glitter or Glamour? That Is The Question

Hobbs Kenwood Coat

As the holiday party season is (perhaps too quickly) approaching, "To glitter or not to glitter?" should be the question.

Christmas adverts have been rolling out since late October, with Father Christmas and the family in tow. To be honest it all seems a bit exhausting, especially with everyone wearing short sleeves up until the beginning of November. And the party season is fun, but when you have only just got back from your summer holidays does it not seem a bit extreme? Fashion can be even worse - the Spring Collection is already out at the high end stores (Fashion Week in September took care of that) and yet we haven’t even got to Christmas yet!

So what do you do when looking for winter coat or a party frock and all the magazines are harking on about what to wear next spring? Your best bet is to pay no attention to them and head down to your nearest high street to check out what’s on offer. I have been doing a bit of snooping and have found some nice pieces both in coats and party frocks.


So we have your classic stores which are always good for ladies coats: Jigsaw, Hobbs, and Phase Eight. All three have lovely winter coats in very classic styles. Some of the best are the Chloe Mac from Phase Eight in blue and black, the wool/cashmere classic or funnel coat from Jigsaw in red, charcoal or black, or the Kenwood coat from Hobbs in black. A handy tip, if you check out the shops websites (on your lunch hour, of course) coats are already in mid-season sales. Just make sure you try them on first to get a good fit.

If you want something which is better for party season, then a good leather jacket should see you through until summer (and leather never really goes out of style). This goes for guys and girls. Some of the decent shops (conveniently within dashing distance of most offices) are Karen Millen, Reiss and Ted Baker. My picks would be the Lloyd Jacket for men at Ted Baker in black, the Karen Millen Metallic Leather Jacket (a bit frilly for the boys, but fetching with a party dress) and the Reiss Reina Biker Jacket in black (sorry boys, it sounds tough but it’s for the girls).


As for party frocks, there are plenty out there, and most of them have some appendage of sequins attached. The idea is to try to avoid being mistaken for the office Christmas tree, and to just have a few sparkles in the right places to draw the eye. Here Karen Millen is the queen of the party season. As a variation of the LBD, the couture black party dress with silk rippled shoulders and a jewelled plunging neckline is a treat, and very classy with a pair of sparkling heels (they do matching ones in store). Ted Baker follows a close second with their silk silver and black bamboo print Provost dress, a classy little number that is subtle yet chic.

If you do fall into the trap of buying a dress entirely made of sequins, please remember to memo everyone to wear dark glasses. You don’t want to be held responsible by health and safety for the accidents that will occur around you as colleagues are temporarily blinded in your presence.