The Market is in Your Hands

The Earth 2 - Flavio Takemoto

In times like these (the job market can't decide whether it's up or down, the FTSE and Dow make huge gains one day and then fall back the next, your boss's mood swings bounce like a teeter totter, and even your morning commute is getting worse and worse), it's best to maintain a positive attitude.

We have had enough of negativity this past year. Every time you picked up the newspaper there was more about people losing their jobs, companies going out of business (or needing government money to stay open), hedge funders and such creating Ponzi schemes effectively stealing people’s money, and well-known high street shops closing. All of this negativity, of course, filtered down into our lives, and most of us inadvertently ended up projecting this negativity to each other, especially in our work environments. But now that it appears we have been through the worst of this economic meltdown (although you never know, it could get worse before it gets much better), by maintaining a positive attitude can outweigh the toxicity and negativity.  

If you are a recruitment consultants or in HR and regularly speak with jobseekers, or if you are a jobseeker who constantly calls agencies and companies for work, relay, in your voice, a sense of positivity, and in your words, an optimistic attitude. Try to interject positive words into your conversation, and always be upbeat about the job market and particularly your situation. This, with confidence, are the keys to getting a job. And exuding that confidence to others will hopefully be contagious and spread optimism all around.

So don’t be a Downbeat Dora or a Pessimistic Paul, otherwise YOU could bring the whole market back down again!