So Londoners Are Nice After All

A Typical London View - Paulo Oliveira Santos

When you hear that London has become an uncivilized place, hostile to all tourists and foreigners alike, don’t believe it.

 I took a bus from Borough Market to Waterloo, so we are talking about main Touri-land. Realising I had forgotten my Oyster card and without enough small change (even though £2 isn’t really small change), I started to get anxious. The bus driver didn't seem to want to let me on - a £20 note was too much for him to handle. So with desperate eyes I looked onto my fellow passengers, and took in very interesting reactions.

A young girl clutched tight her to her handbag and told me she had no change. And older gentleman completely ignored me. And then another young women offered me £2 and said, "There you go." She wanted to pay for my ticket!

I suppose my coat was more shabby chic than trendy, but I don’t really think she thought I was begging - just desperate. So she took compassion on me in the middle of the day, for no good reason other than wanting to be kind.

Here’s to you London Town, and to a nice young lady whom I wish very well.

- Anonymous