Quit The UK To Avoid Higher Taxes - Poll Results

A number of hedge funds and other businesses are said to be thinking of leaving the UK due the higher rates of tax being imposed by the Labour administration from next April.

So, we wondered what our UK readers thought about the prospect of staying and paying more tax.

Over 2,100 people participated in our quickie poll Friday, and here are the results:

72.1% of respondents said that they would leave the UK given the chance

16.9% of respondents said that they planned to stay - no matter what

11.0% said that they were already planning to leave, or had already left

Here are some typical reader comments:

1. 'Visa sorted, flights booked!'

2. 'I can legally work in both the UK and the US - you work it out!'

3. 'It depends where. New York or Canada in a shot. Hong Kong if the money is right. To some business park on the outskirts of Basle ? No thanks!'.

4. 'Flawed though it is, taxation is the closest thing to an egalitarian redistribution of wealth that we have. I would willingly pay higher taxes if it meant more equality, better schooling, health and social programmes aimed at reducing disenfranchisement and crime'.

5. 'What's the point being taxed to the hilt in a country that is second class in most everything - especially the weather!. I'm off'.

6. 'I'd switch English pubs and fish and chips for a plush Manhattan bar or cool Hong Kong club any day'.

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