A City Girl's Wish List

Louis Vuitton Irene Bag

Surely everyone who works in the City has a wish list. I’m not talking a bucket list like Jack Nicholson. (I’m leaving you anytime soon.) A wish list is what keeps the City types going through the early mornings and the late nights when the rest of the world is sleeping or having fun.

My wish list is how I’m going to spend my money. This week’s desires include:

  • Louis Vuitton’s Irene
  • the Chloe Paraty
  • a new bicycle (old school style)
  • a new laptop (preferably extra light as I’m only little)
  • an Agent Provocateur night gown (pink silk - heaven)
Obviously I have my Friday treat. I look forward to my Friday treat all week. Usually it’s what gets me through the week.

My treat started out as something small. But I have noticed lately that my 'treats' haven’t started growing in size, they have started growing in price. Oops.

But the longer I work in the City, the more I need a treat. I deserve a treat. A top from French Connection, a lipstick from Laura Mercier, a few candles from the White Company - it started out as a harmless 'well done me - another week complete!'

But lately the rewards have increased. A pair of earrings from Les Nereides, a new purse from Vivienne Westwood, a new bag from Prada. I excelled myself this week with an emerald ring from Tiffany (just this week!). I think I need to draw a line in the sand. This is a spending habit I can not, should not, and (maybe) will not, maintain.

Clutching my little green bag this week I was overcome with a wave of guilt and I couldn’t help but wonder: if I worked in advertising, PR, marketing, fashion, or education, would I feel the need to treat myself like this? Granted I would have no choice in the matter unless I had a trustworthy credit device. I wouldn’t be able to afford it. But would I even need to? Imagine a job where you were actually happy and it was just a treat to go to work. Wow, there’s a thought.

Soon my outgoings will exceed my incomings, and I guess then it will really be time to pack it in. Until then, I can’t wait for Friday.

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