A Chinese Oasis

Hakkasan London

I work in the City and I know we are a Capital in the midst of a Credit Crunch. They are two words beginning to haunt me in my sleep. But we all have to go out sometimes.

If you only go out only once in the next three months, make sure you go to Hakkasan - the Chinese oasis tucked away behind Tottenham Court Road.

Begin your evening at the long bar with a signature cocktail, the Hakka (and then most likely another). Just be careful not to fill up on the £2.50 prawn cocktails, a big mistake and near fatal error for someone about to spend £100 a head on dinner.

The bar is long, the lights are dimmed, the mood is set, and even the ladies room is well worth a visit in this underground haven.

Start off with a dim sum platter, salt and pepper squid, and the crispy duck salad (which is so much more than just a salad), and follow on with Pi Pa duck covered in a delicious honey glaze, Sha Sha silver cod (a fierce rival for the ubiquitous black cod) and oodles of noodles. I had missed out on this Chinese delight for twenty-seven years. Tragic. Finish off with the chocolate fondant - a chocoholics dream.

If some restaurants are over-rated, this one is most definitely not.

There’s no denying that in a recession that this restaurant will seem pricey, and you’re not going to find it on Toptable. Why? Because it is doesn’t need to be. It’s an exquisite restaurant that comes with a not-so-exquisite price tag. Good things don’t come cheap, and some things are just worth paying for. But you won’t be disappointed. This is a Chinese treat not to be missed.

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