Intern Fails 'Vending Machine Challenge'

Eating Contest

Spare a thought for the poor Citi intern who, according to The Times' Prufrock column, last week took five hours 22 minutes to chomp through 26 items from a company vending machine (almost 6,000 calories), only to puke it all up with one item and 8 minutes remaining!

The young intern failed the 'challenge' by one Mars bar. What a wimp!

Not so wimpish, however, was the Wachovia employee who, earlier this year, took just 30 minutes to successfully get through three tins of cat food - without being sick. What a guy!

Bankers who undertake such worthy pursuits should, however, heed the sad case of 48-year-old Boris Isayev, who keeled over and died after winning a pancake eating contest in Russia earlier this year. Boris, 48, was thought to be enjoying the pancakes before he expired. He managed to stuff 43 into his gob before he went to meet his maker.

Some food-eating champs for young banking interns to emulate, however, include 'Furious Pete' Czerwinski, who holds multiple competitive eating records, including stuffing a 72 oz steak in less than 7 minutes, and Alfredo Hernandes, who consumed 16 'fiery jalapeno chiles' (not recommended) in just one minute.

But topping them all, and literally taking the biscuit, is the aptly-named Joseph 'Jaws' Chestnut, a 25-year old Californian, who holds more food-eating records than anyone else. His prowess includes eating 10.5lbs of macaroni and cheese in 7 minutes, 118 jalapeno poppers in 10 minutes, 8.98 lbs of chicken wings in 12 minutes, and 68 hot dogs (and buns) in 10 minutes.  And all this while standing on one leg and playing a ukelele!

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