The AIG Song - The Best Market Ditty Ever

The following should be sung to the tune of The Beatles' 'Let It Be'.

AIG AIG (The Edward Liddy Song)

'As I find myself deep in trouble
US Congress called for me
For I am just the fall guy for AIG

And in my hour of darkness
With the subcommittee in front of me
I am just the fall guy for AIG.

I am just the fall guy for AIG.

And what's with all these crazy people -
Everybody's angry at me
But I am not to blame for AIG

But though we have that bailout money
There's still a chance that we can be
Profitable again at AIG

AIG, AIG, Yeah
I am not to blame for AIG

As the death threats keep on coming
And all the media spotlight's on me
But I am not to blame - it's Bernanke

I now wake up each night sweating
Barney Frank's still after me
But I'm the man to save AIG

I'm the only answer for AIG

Please stop blaming me for AIG'

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