Outrage As 696 Top Firm Bankers Bag $1m + Bonuses

Investment Banker Bonus Protest

The Merrill Lynch 'BonusGate' saga just won't go away. New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has written to Barney Franks, the Chairman of the US House Financial Services Committee, accusing the firm of 'corporate irresponsibility' in paying $3.6bn in bonuses in the light of the large losses it sustained in 2008. Cuomo's letter revealed that almost 700 Merrill staff bagged a bonus of over a $1m for their work last year.

The Year's Top 20

Loads of Money - David Playford

It's official. If the article has to do with interpersonal relations between men and women, it's going to be a hit. Well, or if it's about dressing like a protestor...

2010 Predictions

Here's a quick note of some of the more sensible New Year predictions we have received from readers.