A Year To Forget - 2008 (The Stories That Made The News)

2008 Review

We've put together our 30 most read items of 2008 (excluding job cuts stories about individual firms).

Here's the list (press on an article title to access a story):

1) Layoffs - The Definitive Job Loss League Table (Updated)

2) Trader Shoots Himself On Trading Floor

3) And The Most Stressed-Out Firm Staff Work At....

4) Give Me A Job - The Most Amazing Job Application Ever

5) Banker Trashes Office After Learning Of Pay Cut (Back By Popular Demand)

6) Investment Banker Jumped To Death After Learning He Had No Job

7) Probably The Most Wicked Piece Of Wall Street Humor Yet

8) Perhaps The Worst Decision Ever Made At An Investment Bank

9) And The 'Dumbest' Bank In The World Is......

10) Firm CEO Said To Have Taken Own Life / Global M&A Head Dead After Heart Attack

11) Citi Bankruptcy Rumours - The Truth

12) SocGen Exclusive - First Pictures Of Risk Team

13) The Most Ridiculous Statement Ever Made By An Investment Bank...

14) Top Firm Drops $9bn In One Day

15) World's Biggest Ever Trading Loss - Exclusive Pictures

16) Punch Up On The Trading Floor.....(Video)

17) A Rather Messy Bonus Story

18) Top Firm Accused Of Bringing Down Lehman

19) It's Over, Man...Unless We Get Bought In The Next 24 Hours, It's Over

20) Is There A God ? Rich Investment Banker Wins Big Lotto Game

21) And The Most Secure Job In The Financial Markets Is......

22) How NOT To Lay-off Investment Bankers

23) Some Bonus Classics

24) Welcome To Our Firm - You're Fired!

25) Star Hedge Fund Manager Thanks Idi.t Bankers & Packs It In

26) 'Worse Than A Divorce - I've Lost Half My Money & I Still Have A Wife!'

27) Alleged $50bn Trading Fraud The Biggest Ever (The Story So Far)

28) Trader Fired Over His 'Saucy' Website

29) 25 Year-Old Beauty Ditches Once-Rich Banker

30) Merrill Lynch - It's Over Too

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