Regression Without Regrets

Room 2 at Fabric - Martin Lucas

He broke my heart when I was 17. Thirteen years later, I bumped into him again on Back in the teenage days there was mischief galore: excess of everything, trouble with the police, clubbing missions, going awol for days, giving our parents the run around. Extreme naughtiness.

When I received his message and checked out his profile, he looked just as hot as I remembered. We arranged a rendezvous in the City almost immediately.

The date was amazing - we had a top-notch catch up, laughed uncontrollably, and reminisced for hours whilst knocking back the mojitos. We did a multitude of bar hopping and what can only be described as running round town like teenagers.

The teenage theme was continued at closing time. My flat was being decorated so I was staying at my parents’ and he had a two week gap between rental properties so was staying with his parents. We didn’t want the night to end, so with drink-clouded minds we decided the only course of action was to go back to...his parents place, to continue the fun.

As the cab got closer, it was like a trip down memory lane - places and land marks. We tip-toed in and went upstairs to the spare room and the incredibly small single bed (a fact not disclosed in the after-party location discussions). We both passed out immediately, and the next thing I knew I was hearing his mum speaking through the door, offering him a cup of tea. The last time I saw his mum, I was under fierce interrogation for the alleged smoking of ‘funny fags’ (her terminology, not mine). We looked at each other, muffled our laughter, and planned our exit strategy in whispers.

I’m sure his mum really wouldn’t have minded that I’d stayed over (we are both 30 after all), but we decided sneaking out without being busted would be a much more fitting end to our get-together. We made a silent dash when his mum was at the other end of the house and giggled all the way to the train station.

It had been pure regression. I felt 17 all over again, and it was clear that we were still besotted by each other, but this time as friends.

Who knew my online adventures would lead to the fountain of youth?

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