'Why Give Old F.t Rich Guy Your Cash To Steel ?'

Hi investers. I have been hereing of the ponce scheme for bernie who made off. Much stRess for all.

But why give old fat rich guy your cash to steel ? If your money you want to losing, just send to Me. I am yoUng and clever, And you will never be catching me. I will not lye, as I have honor. I will steel your money in open. Even webcam is possible. If you like to see me on beech with drink spending your mooney, you can look in. Why have stress when steeling ? Better to thief in open and everythnig is streight.

We have SEC inspection approval. regulator is my frieNd. He is on beech now too. He comes many times with us on beech. He even aske if I want job as adviser, but why work if you can steel ?

I love aMERICA. I went with sandwich board on Wall StReet to tell everebody of ponce scheme. They love it. Your hedge fund peeple ran from offices to pin big checks on me. They very happy when I told them I was richest boy in my village. I have two holes in ground in house - ONe for the pee-pee, and one four your cash. They trust me to give back the cash never. I love your country. Like throwing cash in street, you love to lose big. The capitalist aMERICA is truly great. Working hard for years to give money to thief makes me happy. Old people like to giv away cash to made offs rather than eat to live and warm. Lives in ruins is no matter for you all, if you can lose big to easy swindel. Even old fat guys make nice livings from the rip-offs. Opportunity is for all.

plEase send cash to me. My new bank is just open for one week in cigarette kioSk outside old Lehman home. Admin is easy and if you want to see me again never after, I am happy for you. I will give you free pen and will e-mail your inbox with my photos of wasting your cash if this makes you happy.

God bless aMERICA.

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