Long-Term Positions: Don't Pull Out

Behind Bedroom Doors - Oliver Gruener

I read that women are divorcing their City men so fast it's as if their gardeners were refusing to sh*g them until they did.

Now I'm not married myself, and I am fortunate enough to curl up with a young body that would put any topless builder to shame. But it strikes me that divorce is expensive for everyone, and creates horrible questions like: who keeps the dog? So I'd think that people would stick together during these hard times. Then wouldn't everyone be a winner?

Surely long term investments, low in returns but  providing a foothold of stability, should still be very much at the core of economic masterminding in the same way long term relationships, not very exciting everyday perhaps, can provide a corner stone to a prosperous life. When you live your life in quarters there seems to be a spillover effect into your personal life strategy too.

Now I'm not saying move to India and meditate on your infinite nature, but I am saying that long-term positions, even though it's what everyone's trying to get out of, would be beneficial for the stability of the - well, economy too.

But then again, it's easy to say that when you feel loved and satisfied. So perhaps my suggestion to every long term position you think you'd like to get out of - be it an investment or a relationship - would be to try just one thing before you leave...

Sex it up a little, darling.

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