Have Bankers Been Stealing All The Steak ?

The Times 'City Diary' had a nice little piece Saturday. It appears that a sign went up in the foodhall at Marks & Spencer's flagship branch in Finsbury Pavement:

'Owing to the large amount of theft experienced, we have removed steak from the shop floor. If you would like to purchase any steak, ask staff at the information desk'. So, who's been lifting all the steak in the middle of the City's financial district ? One banker told Here Is The City: 'It can't be your average banker. We've been shopping at Morrisons for the last year. Must be someone on the board!'. Marks & Spencer has said that the sign has now been removed. A wag said: 'Let them eat steak!'.

And one Japanese bank is said to have canned its Christmas bash this year. But staff should fear not, as the firm is to have a number of 'thank you for all the hard work' events in the run-up to Xmas. A memo to staff even described the events as 'parties' (twice). Must have been a typo!

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