More Thoughts From Mumbai

Here are a couple more posts we've had in following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai:

1. 'I am a Mumbaikar, and at the outset would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the Here Is The City readers for their kind words. We all appreciate your concern and solidarity. And yes, we will pick up and fight back. Mumbai is no stranger to terror attacks, and the City has always risen from the ashes of devastation.

However, I think what we need to understand is that this tragedy has been very different from the ones that occurred in the past. The 1993 blasts in Mumbai all occurred within 10 minutes. Terrible damage was done, but it was all over with quickly. The 2006 atrocity, which ripped apart innocent families, was again over quickly. The 26/11 Mumbai attacks, however, did not end for 60 hours; we lived in fear and dread, wondering what would happen next. We continue to live our lives, but wonder if any of the attackers escaped. The prolonged brutality and the extensive battle has left deep wounds, which this time will take much longer to heal.

This long drawn-out attack has finally made every Indian citizen the world over, however, sit up and say 'no more'. Our lives cannot be lived in fear, and we will not let anyone take our resilience for granted. Many Indians are now starting to fight back and asking some difficult questions which should probably have been addressed a long time ago. We all have the right to lead violence-free lives, and India is searching intently for such a world now'.

2. 'Thank you for so beautifully sharing your thoughts on the recent tragedy that struck Mumbai. It is truly comforting for people like us who have spent a significant part of our working lives in the financial capital of India. It has been very painful to live through these last few days, and we are all standing together in our shared grief. Thank you for sharing your messages of hope'.

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