One Christmas and You're Out

Huvafen Fushi - Maldives

So Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn don't get to go away for the holidays in Four Christmases, but that doesn't mean you can't. Isn't it excellent not being in the movies?

But maybe it's all fantasy anyway, since bonus season isn't going to deliver much to anyone. But after the drama of the year, it could be worth the splurge.

Here are four amazing options - with availability - from Original Travel.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Fancy a bungalow with plunge pool or ocean pavilion with private pool? Yeah, we thought so. Not cheap at £4,790 per person, but hey, it includes flights. Pack your bags for the 21st of December.

The Residence, Mauritius

If colonial elegance is more your style, you'll love this option. Depart on Boxing Day for 10 nights in an oceanfront room for £4,800 per person.

Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Want to turn up the volume on your party? Take this option, at £2,550 per person for five nights (not including flights). It also includes the hotel's New Year's Eve party which is no doubt wilder than pretty much anything you'd find in our quaint land.

Barr al Jissah, Oman

If you're packing the family, head to this resort in Oman (one of only ten countries in the world with a four-letter name) on New Year's Eve. The week-long stay includes a two night safari and flights for £2,500 per person.

Of course, your families probably aren't as crazy as our defeated travellers', so if you have to stay home and spend it with them, take comfort in that.