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What is always so shocking when one of these terrorist outrages impacts a City like Mumbai, is the sense of guilt and emptiness that the people there experience when they go about their daily lives in the midst of all the carnage.

I remember being in New York after 9/11. Like your expat banker in Mumbai, I, too, had fallen in love with a foreign country, and considered myself a true New Yorker.

I found that I was drawn to the Ground Zero site like a moth to a candle - not, however, out of mawkish interest, but out of solidarity for those who had lost their lives, and for all those who called New York City their home. Yet, despite the acrid fumes that drifted across New York for months afterwards, life went on mostly as usual. You took the kids to school (even though you knew several of their friends had lost parents). You went out for dinner or to birthday celebrations, even though you felt that somehow you shouldn't be out enjoying yourself too much. Pretty soon, however, you realised that this was the only way to fight back. You couldn't do much about the terrorists, but at least you wouldn't give them the satisfaction of thinking that they had adversely impacted your life.

And those who live in Mumbai will pick themselves up and do their best to keep that vibrant melting pot buzzing as usual - not just for the millions there, but for the billions of us out in the global village who are rooting for them.

Just as NewYorkers did, and Madrilenos did, and Londoners did, the people of Mumbai will overcome adversity and emerge truimphant'.

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Reader Comment:

'I've been visiting Mumbai for 15 years and watched its development with interest. It is a captivating place, and, whilst the people there will mourn, they will get on with their lives. It is the Mumbai way'.

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