Letter From Mumbai - An Expat Banker's Thoughts On Tragedy

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Almost 200 people lost their lives in Mumbai last week, as around a dozen terrorists engaged in gun and grenade attacks at busy locations close together around the City. Here's a post we received this morning from an expat banker based in India:

'It has been an interesting few days for us ex-pats in India. Where were you when it all happened ? Where were your family and friends ? What should you do now ? What is best for you, your family, the company that you work for ? How will it affect business ? Why should you care ?

I care because I have fallen in love with this place. I have been in India long enough for it to get under my skin, long enough to be affected by its trials and tribulations, long enough for it to feel like home. I know that I will always be a foreigner, but when I stand at the side of the road eating my vada pav and sipping my hot, sweet chai, I am a Mubaikar in my heart.

Although the events of last week shocked the world, for those of us slightly closer it has left us with a sense of emptiness. We are deeply sorry for those that have lost their lives, and it will be incredibly difficult to pick-up the pieces and move forward. But that's what we must do as soon possible, not for us, but for the millions of people that call Mumbai their home - the millions that scratch a meagre living from the ones like us that have so much. Mumbai is a City of contrasts, but, during times like these, all differences should be pushed aside. We should all join hands and pray for a better tomorrow.

While I am acutely aware that India and outsourcing has received a bad press and that many of you, like us, have many other things on your mind during these difficult economic times, I hope that you will join me today in sparing a thought for the people of Mumbai.

One great city to another'.

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