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One Pill a Day - Ali Farid

It appears that in the past 12 weeks, there has been as much as a 20% increase in the number of patients suffering from STDs at The Freedom Health Clinic. In an article in the Times, the clinic attributes this to an increase in reckless behaviour in the City.

There has been a huge increase nationally over the last 10 years (the statistics are scary), but it does look as if reckless behaviour in the City is on the up.

Medical practitioners believe this is brought on by insecurity and a loss of self esteem, but most of us City folk would describe it as a simple case of the ' its', and a desire to unburden ourselves after yet another day of crushing news and further job loss threats. Interestingly, the clinic is also finding that there is a deterioration in liver-function tests for those City workers presenting themselves with STD problems.

This is not even touching the sensitive but equally-linked problem of drug taking in the Square Mile. For the most part one can only go on anecdotal evidence, as people tend to be more coy about discussing coke-fuelled binges than big nights out on the piss and on the pull. But there is no doubt the three go hand-in-hand. Evil bed fellows, if you will.

Rather like the thoughtful and thought-provoking piece on the risks of suicide under the current gloomy atmosphere, it has to be noted that the current financial and economic meltdown risks permanently endangering the mental and physical health of many of the City folk who party after the markets close. The conclusion is that a form of fatalistic escapism is taking over.

For some of our formerly successful, well paid, and optimistic co-workers, that escapism may cost them a lot more than their career prospects in years to come.

- James Charatan

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