The Crunch in Verse

Blue Background - Hilde Vanstraelen

The current crisis comes in many shapes and forms. Now, thanks to Ceedy Girl, it even comes in stanzas.

We came from far and wide,
To the land of milk and honey.
With a suitcase full of hopes and dreams,
Of power, sex and money.

We were the brightest of our class
Gifted, driven, able,
We fell into those very banks
Regarded as most stable.

On the inside it was everything
We ever could have dreamed
Fast cars, faster women,
Luxuriousness screamed.

The characters inside that mile,
That tiny, potent square,
Verified that we too could
Become a millionaire.

It wouldn't be so easy, no
The City had a price,
Our youth, health, hearts and minds
Seemed a petty sacrifice.

We kept our eyes glued on the spreadsheet
And hopes high in the sky,
Little did we realize that
Our dream had been a lie.

The systems got more complicated,
The formulas grew longer,
When the Credit Crisis came,
We thought our world was stronger.

Was it not a couple years ago
The headline "City Bonus"
Translated to a lifestyle
Unaccustomed to such slowness.

CDO's and "teaser loans",
Made our bosses smile,
Little did the buyers know
This junk was truly vile.

From our shiny, sexy offices
We couldn't give a damn
If those Oklahoma rednecks
Thought loan "teasers" were a scam.

But foreclosures started mounting,
Spreading like a virus,
The "City Player" life we chased
Grew less and less desirous.

"Our size will keep us safe", we thought
Even after watching Bear,
But no one trusted anybody,
The crunch became a scare.

Then one fateful weekend in September
The biggest names went crashing,
This place we worked so hard to build
Had no chance of lasting.

How on earth could this have happened?
This nightmare can't be real
For everything we sacrificed,
We were getting a raw deal.

The City's golden promise
Seemed like an ancient tale,
We stared in downright disbelief
The place could be so frail.

Our faces revealed anger
Eyes barely held back tears
Our suitcase full of hopes and dreams,
Had been replaced by fears.

Some of us had kids in school,
A mortgage to pay down,
But not a single job was to be
Found in this ghost town.

Who can we point the finger at!
Please tell us what is true
Regulators, CEO's
That idiot George W.?

You say the villain here is Greed
Why isn't he in jail?
He's ruined the lives of all of us,
He let capitalism fail.

But "Greed is Good," said Gordon Gekko
Greed works, Greed is Right
Greed is how those flashy bankers
Sleep so well at night.

The fraud, layoffs, and the losses
We tragically collapse,
But worst of all: my future kids
Will pay for our mishaps.

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