Date Mistake #1

First Aid

Look out, guys. HITCitizen Jamie Morgan is here to set you straight on dating. Ladies, breathe a sigh of relief. Got something to say about it? Your comments below, please.

As she ran out the house and into the street with her almost dried rose-and-lavender-infusion-scented-hair it was exhilaration all round. She approached the waiting TT a little flustered but brimming with the kind of energy that F1 racing cars run on. Realising he wasn't getting out to open the door for her, she kept walking, reached for the door, and gracefully got in.

"So...." he purred with his public school English accent. "Where do you want to go?"

Now, I'm all for equality - don't get me wrong - and I'm sure some well meaning idiots have the misconstrued idea that it's actually very considerate to ask your date what she'd like to do or where she'd like to go.

But you'd be wrong on both accounts. Equality does not exist without respect, and it is not considerate to treat your date with anything but.

So if you have arranged to meet for a drink, reservations should have been made. Dinner, likewise, and the intended party should have been notified.

If it was not expressly intended as a dinner date then:

1) It's not.


2) Get out of the car and greet your date.


If you want to know where I want to go, ask before. Plan. How lazy are you men getting? And if she's not been in your thoughts, don't date her. Why bother? And don't pretend you are being considerate...

As far a I can tell, the date was on emergency life support before he even pulled out.

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