The Smug Couple

Couple - Paulo Correa

Sick of receiving dinner invitations, then over the dinner table receiving that dreaded smile from the 'smug couple' with the words: "Are you really happy being single?"

Following are some tips for dealing with the real dread - that smug couple:

  • The first step is to find out the purpose of the invite and mostly importantly, what other guests are attending. If you are the only singleton then avoid at all costs unless you really enjoy the company of these couples. Otherwise, you are better off spending your time looking for love.
  • If you really must attend: then dress to kill and make yourselves feel fab and everyone else envious. Females do something pampering beforehand, and  guys, visit the gym to make yourself feel fit and ready to be fired with questions.
  • Dazzle them with talk on your wonderful adventures, activities and the extravagant time you have for yourself.
  • Now, the really tricky topic - progress on your dating life. Clearly the report is that you have too many choices and are not quite ready to settle. At this stage, if you need to make up stories, that's fine. Yes, you may have met a geek, but they only need to know that you met someone very intelligent and earning pots of money. (The one in media/advertising got left on the shelf spent too much time creating their story boards whilst all the beautiful people got paired up, but hey, we are not superficial and are delighted with great conversationalists.)

So the next time you have the chance, employ these tactics for a little boost, and realise what a great time you can have dropping the jaws of smug couples.

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