Phantom Firestarter Found At Top Firm

Credit Suisse's Canary Wharf staff were freezing their 'n.ts' off out in the cold Monday, after being evacuated following the outbreak of a fire.

The 5th and 9th floors of the firm's building were said to be smoke-filled, with the smell of burning permeating the areas. Staff were ushered out by fire marshals in a successful evacuation, some in sportswear or with towels wrapped around their waists - clearly being caught in the gym. Around an hour was lost before staff were given the all-clear to return to work.

Corporate Services are understood to have quickly identified the problem as being down to faulty air-condition units. But, just when staff thought the matter had been resolved, the air-con is said to have caught fire again on Tuesday, leaving perplexed maintenance personnel wondering whether darker forces are at work. They are said to be still looking into the matter. It's been all quiet on the fire-front since Tuesday, though.

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