The Goldman Transgender Surgery Story


Fortune has revealed that Goldman Sachs, a firm which came in 9th in the magazine's latest 100 Best Companies to Work For listing, now has health insurance coverage as part of its benefits plan which provides for 'sex reassignment surgery' (that's a sex change to me and you)

Goldman's insurance cover apparently covers the actual surgery, as well as the drugs and testosterone injections required pre and post-op. Those who wish to take advantage of the cover, however, will need to be independently assessed to ensure that the surgery is appropriate, and will be required to see 'an in-network' doctor. Similar insurance coverage is also said to be provided within Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Wachovia's current benefits packages.

This story was picked up by the likes of The New York Post and The New York Times. More discerning New York Times readers, however, weren't all sure that the item was actually really newsworthy, and reader feedback ranged from those who thought that the newspaper should stick to more meaty issues (forgive the pun), those who thought it right and proper for the likes of Goldman to embrace the transsexual community, utter disgust and total mockery. 

Below are some of the comments posted by readers of The New York Times DealBook column:

'This is really not news - simply an indicator that the NYTimes standard has sunk yet lower'

'Who cares ?'

'This is happening because there is a lot of transgender talent out there'.

'Guess marrying a Goldman banker ain't what it used to be!'.

'Is there any limit to the number of sex change operations a person will be covered for ?'

'Anyone who can't figure out how to live with what they were born with ain't 'top talent' in my book'.

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1. 'Political correctness gone mad. Reminds me of the time a few years back when one of the big firms thought it would be a good idea to have a room set aside (in New York) for use for post-op transsexuals (a networking thing). Predictably, no one went anywhere near it - the silly idiot who came up with the idea clearly didn't appreciate that the post-ops might not like to publicize their transformations!'.

2. 'It ain't an issue - until you make an issue out of it!'.

3. 'I have a transgender child, and live in fear of losing him. If only insurance would pay for reassignment surgery, we could have our normal lives back. For people that don't understand, just be thankful. It is such a sad life they live, and also for the parents who love them. Please don't condemn what you don't understand'.

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