A rather messy bonus story

A bonus classic.

A strange little bonus story did the rounds on Wall Street a few years back, which was picked up by the likes of Dealbreaker and Wall Street Folly.

And it all started with CNBC's Charlie Gasparino reporting rumours that a chap over in Merrill Lynch's fixed income department, possibly a fixed income research analyst, had 'inappropriately relieved' himself in the office in protest at being given a p.ss-poor bonus.

Dealbreaker then picked up and ran with the story, establishing that it wasn't urine, but the other stuff (you know, number twos). Apparently the guy took a dump in the restroom, 'stomped in it, and then dragged it all over the place by walking around with it on his shoes'. Merrill is said to have said that the whole thing was 'an unfortunate accident'.

Later reports suggested, however, that this was no 'accident'. The incident is said to have taken place on the 19th floor of Merrill's New York headquarters building in the World Financial Center, which housed many of the firm's fixed income group. But, in the end, the smart money said that the villain of the piece was actually an equities guy who came over to fixed income to express his view of their 2007 credit market losses - losses which he clearly thought had adversely affected his own bonus payout.

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