The Annual Resolve

No Smoking - Trish Parisy

Made a New Year's Resolution to keep your New Year's Resolution? We look at the most popular ones, and offer easy ways to help you keep them.

We culled a number of noteworthy sources to determine the most popular ones, and found that maybe keeping them wouldn't be so hard.

They say: Spend more time with family and friends

We say: Take advantage of technology to make staying in touch easier (or: call your parents whilst walking to the pub, get on Facebook and invite your mates from Uni, text your significant other sweet nothings).

They say: Exercise more

We say: Walk as many places as possible, and you'll find you've avoided the tube/bus and burned a few calories - without wasting time at the gym.

They say: Get a new job

We say: Visit our Careers site!

They say: Lose weight

We say: Think about every single thing that goes in your mouth and you won't have to diet. And if you're drinking sodas, cut them out.

They say: Quit smoking

We say: Yes, please! It's too damn cold out, and frankly, you stink coming back into the office. Besides, that cute girl/guy you met last week would rather kiss you as a non-smoker.

They say: Take a trip

We say: We always support this idea, resolution or not. Visit our Get Away section for suggestions.

They say: Get out of debt

We say: Again, we agree. In this plastic culture, it's easy to lose track. Why not be retro and try cash for a bit?

They say: Enjoy life

We say: Could they be more broad? But we do like the idea of lightening up and not taking everything so very seriously.

They say: Get organised

We say: Eh, as long as you know where everything is, what's the point? Better to....

They say: Help others

We say: Makes you happier, makes others happier, and makes the world a better place.

Whatever you decide on, here are a few tips for keeping it from an article in The Guardian:

1. Pick only one resolution.
2. Decide on it ahead of time (oh well).
3. Don't repeat a previous resolution, and if you do, try a different way of keeping it.
4. Keep resolutions specific.
5. Reward yourself when you succeed.

Good luck!

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