Top Stories of 2007

Jack Spade Bag

2007 saw HITC Life launch and grow. Once upon a time we were pleased if a story was read 100 times in a day. Now we're bummed if it's less than 1,000! Following are the Top 20 stories from 2007.

Please note: The top stories written by HITCItizens aren't included. They've got their own list, which you can see here.

1. American Media Babe Seeks Tall, Nice Guy

2. Lord of the Flies *

3. Rising Stars Awards - Last Chance to Vote

4. The Robert Walters City Challenge Cup 2007

5. The Man Bag - What Are You Carrying?

6. Ridiculously Expensive Meals

7. Yoshi Wins Here Is The City Karaoke - Mon 24th Sept 2007

8. Sub-Prime Mess: Finally a Laugh (or at Least a Chuckle)

9. Maggie Jones's (W8)

10. Holiday Dating Tips For Gents

11. Analyst Wants to Give Away £1000

12. Read Me, Boss (and Your PA Will Be Happy)

13. This Job Terminates Here

14. Shocker: Office Drinking Can Lead to Office S.x

15. 53 Places to Go in 2008

16. The World's Most Expensive Car

17. Little Bay (Battersea)

18. Ten Most Ridiculous Laws

19. Beware of Gold-digging Girlfriends

20. Let This Woman Guide You, Guys

* It's a mystery to us why this article, which was a flimsy little pre-launch piece enjoyed such a great readership. In fact, we're downright dumbfounded. If you have any ideas why this happened, please let us know.

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