Top HITCitizen Stories of 2007


Our HITCitizens (also known as readers who write for us) are the best. They write on all sorts of things we could never even imagine. Here's their Top 10 list of most read stories, and if you'd like to join them in their noble pursuit, let us know!

1. I Love/Hate My New iPhone

2. The Importance of Dressing For Success

3. Smart Suiting Goes Like This

4. EAT vs. Pret

5. Groups of Mates on the Boozy Prowl

6. Binge Drinking Thinking

7. Divorce the HNWI Way - Part Two

8. A Drinking Revolution in Leadenhall

9. The Pornographer of Vienna

And an extra-good one for the holiday season:

10. Debunking Popular Myths (Alcohol Kills Brain Cells)

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