Articles You Missed

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Back in the early days of HITC Life (that would be July, the month we launched), we ran a few articles we're pretty sure you didn't read. To give them a bit more life - and to help you kill some valuable work time - we offer them up once again.

Drinking inspiration: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

An analysis on bankers & creative types: Do Bankers Yin & Yang?

A look at online dating: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

A look at a public striptease: City Staff do a Full Monty

A suggestion on where to go after work today: Spitalfield's Watering Holes

Things to consider on your next visit: Five Borough Facts

And things to consider if you want to pack it all in: It Ain't Half Easy

A reminder to bosses everywhere: Will Work For Food

A shopping experience you don't want to miss: The Warehouse You Want

And lastly, a life-saver if you run out of booze this holiday season: Thank Heaven!

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