Working Hard Over the Holidays

So you're at work today. Impressive! Just in case things are slow (you never know), we offer a few of our favourite sites for those working hard (and hardly working). Have fun, and Happy Christmas!

Elf Yourself
No doubt your brother/sister/mom has sent you one of these videos, where you make yourself (and your friends) into dancing elves. Sponsored by a big office supply company or not, we like the result.

Strindberg & Helium
Sound is required for this hilarious duo, which we have to watch at least once a month (and have for the past six years). We adore morose August Strindberg and his pink floaty friend Helium, who repeats key words in his cute little voice. "Decay! Decay! Decay!" Audio required though, so either plug in your headphones or call your colleagues over. The best are 'Absinthe' and 'In the Park'.

This site takes about two seconds to navigate, and a bit longer if you decide to read the FAQs (which are quite funny, if you can catch them). It's hilarious in its simplicity, and we applaud the crazy webmaster, Jeff, for being such a funny weirdo.

Passive Aggressive Notes
Even if this site is a passive aggressive way to complain about passive aggressive people, we don't care. It's pretty funny. We love the one from the Christian College, where the Frappucino bar-stealer is referred to as 'Sinner' and the sweetie-pie Ashley signs off with a heart.

Old School Computer Games
If mindless humour isn't enough, bring out the big guns. Cast your mind back to the days of your Atari with classic video games like Space Invaders, Ateroids, and Frogger. We loved Pong, but the online game doesn't work that well. Tetris, offered here for free, however, isn't too bad.

Before you know it, the day will be over!

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