Business Knowledge for IT in Retail Banking

Buy Business Knowledge for IT in Retail Banking

Once the ugly duckling of the financial services industry, retail bankings image is undergoing a makeover. These days retail banking is increasingly resembling investment banking and is now positioned to attract the highest calibre of  not only banking professionals, but IT professionals as well.

This book provides the IT professional with the requisite business knowledge to snap up some of the new roles on offer in the retail banking universe. It is also invaluable to those IT professionals already working in the retail banking industry that require the knowledge of the business of retail banking.

The opening chapter gives an overview of the retail banking industry; a description of full-service retail banking model and the innovative peer-to-peer banking model. The subsequent chapters discuss the business environment in the retail banking industry, the types of products on offer and recent trends in the industry.

The middle chapters are about the operational aspects of retail banking like the account opening process, electronic transfers and the lending process.

The latter chapters give a glimpse of the future of retail banking. A list of useful websites and job boards complete the book.

This book tell you all you need to know about IT in retail banking. The discussion on mainframe technologies used in retail banking is particularly insightful. It book is the most comprehensive and the only book on this subject, it will appeal to graduates looking for an insight into the business and hardened IT professionals alike.

Contributors to this book include Misys, Chordiant, Voca, Infosys, iFlex Solutions, PolarLake , Apak Group and Temenos.

This is another book in the Bizle Professional Series by Essvale Corporation Limited.

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