Wanted: 10 Fat Bankers

Diet Time - Sanja Gjenero

...who want to lose weight and raise money for charity, beginning after Christmas (when even your skinniest mate has put on two kilos).

We're looking for 10 overweight bankers - defined as men or women who are at least two stone bigger than they should be.

And we want to change your lives with three simple words: calorie controlled diet.

The bankers will, under their own steam and in whatever manner they choose, then lose weight over a three month period in 2008.

Whoever loses the biggest percentage of their body weight over this period will be declared the winner.

All participants will be losing weight for charity (and themselves, of course), and we will help with the fund raising via our site. Folks will be weighed every two weeks, and their weight loss will be recorded here for the world to see.

We will also be sticking up 'before' and 'after' body shots of the participants (and if they're single, probably hocking off their fit selves on HITC Life).

If you are interested in getting fitter and raising money for charity, please contact us at mail@hereisthecity.com.

As usual, we will only run this competition if we have enough participants, and 100% of the proceeds raised will go to charity.

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