Spa Trends to Watch in 2008

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SpaFinder is a 'Global Spa Resource' with a database of 4,000 spas around the world. Who better to tell us what we'll be doing next year? And let us tell you that we like what we see.

Here's what they predict for next year:

High Street Spas with Big Brand Names
In a nutshell, it means bringing the spa destination (where we'd love to bliss out for a week) to the high street (where we can realistically bliss out once a month).

Ageing Gracefully (With a Bit of Help)
Saying 'no' to frozen Botox faces and 'yes' to what's going to happen anyway (but visiting a medical spa to make the realities a little less harsh).

Men at Spas
SpaFinder predicts the male spa experience will come into the mainstream. If only we could get our men to moisturise regularly!

Back to Basics - It's the Therapist that Matters!
Sure, tequila on the feet is great, but when not in Punta Mita, Mexico, it's basic, quality treatments that meet consumers' needs.

Express Treatments for an Express Lifestyle    
General maintenance done fast, often by multiple therapists. Perfect for lunch (before that hot date).

Healthy Holidays - Communal Retreats with Like-minded Travellers
...with a treatment or two to boot. In fact, we know of a great one in January...

Business at the Spa
Businesses are realising the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and SpaFinder expects we'll see more retreats and conventions at spas. But no body scrubs with the boss, please.

Living at the Spa...Literally
Begun by Canyon Ranch Living (with residences in Miami, Chicago and at the motherhouse in Arizona), this trend will only be going up. Closer to home is Grayshott Spa in Surrey, which yes, is in fact in commuting distance.

Organic If You Can - And If It Works!
As SpaFinder says, we're getting smarter about organic, and we'll be paying more attention to sustainability and locally-sourced products - if they work.

Spa Gifting Propelling Guiltless Spa-Going
In this voucher-crazy country, could it be a surprise? Plus, spa vouchers are perfect for the masses who feel guilty about indulging on treatments, but are more than happy to accept them. And conveniently enough, SpaFinder offers gift vouchers that can be used at 42 spas in London, including the Sanderson's Agua Spa, Nickel in Covent Garden (for guys), The Sanctuary.

Santa, did you get that?

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