Cutting Edge and Cloth Off Savile Row

Suitsupply Snakes

Today sees the arrival of a new suit in town. But this isn't just any suit. It's a rather cool suit, created by a rather crazy guy who spent last night camping out in front of his new Mayfair shop with 1,000 alarm clocks.

They went off, he woke up and the store opened.

And thank goodness, because these babies are ready to shake up the Savile Row establishment, conveniently located around the corner.

A bespoke suit for a quite a bit less than £1,000?

Welcome to Suitsupply, which has already proven its successful formula of reasonably priced, higher-than-normal quality menswear in more than 20 stores in Europe, with more coming in Zurich, Milan and Shanghai next year.

Of course, they also have a read-to-wear line, but at prices this good, you can treat yourself to the real deal - even on this year's bonus.

We're also fans of their imagery they, which tells us that Founder Fokke de Jong and co. aren't just cutting cloth, they're also cutting edge.

For suits, anyway.

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