Our American 'Babe' Who Seeks 'Tall' Banker Gets No Takers

Our colleagues at Here Is The City Life have been trying to set up one of their mates, a 35-year-old American media 'babe', who has been in the UK for seven years now, and has been searching in vain for the perfect soul mate. They have not had much luck either.

Confident, funny and smart, our babe isn't after a rich banker - just the right banker (although a few bob in the bank probably wouldn't go amiss). But we've struggled to get her access to the right men. Is her too old (past it at 35 ?), or just too tall (5'10'' starkers). Or is she just too picky ? (she wants a good-looking guy over 6 feet in height). And she's insisting on a photo (are would-be partners too shy to send one in, or are they just too ugly ?). Perhaps she'd get a few bites if she plucked up the courage to stick her own photo up.

Anyway, if you are a decent single bloke (or know one) who might be interested in a hook up, but are too scared to send in a photo, send us in an e-mail to news@hereisthecity.com letting us know why you / or your friend would be such a good catch.

For those that really have courage, send in your photo to life@hereisthecity.com , together with a brief bio (please, no pics of your lower regions!).

American Media Babe Seeks Tall, Nice Guy


1. 'My experience of American women, especially those from California, is that they are mad'.

2. 'I don't pass the height test - but I think a pic would help her bag her man'.

3. 'At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, maybe she should think about personality first - the rest (apart from the height) might follow'.

4. 'But we're all the same height lying down!'.

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