American Media Babe Seeks Tall, Nice Guy

Golden Gate - Melissa Dixon

HITC has never done this before, but hey, we're feeling festive and generous. (Maybe it was the magnum.) We have a single friend who's a total catch and is over the dating scene. Could this form of online dating work instead?

Our friend, for now to be known as Miss Q, is a 35-year old San Francisco girl who's lived in London for seven years.

Yes, gentlemen, she is a beautiful blonde, but she's a Northern California blonde. Down to earth, cultured and witty.

She is also tall (5'10") and likes tall guys, so please, if you're under 6' (for real), wait until the next babe.

Miss Q works in digital advertising for a small but exceedingly hip US company that has a presence in the UK, and lives in West London.

She's confident, funny, smart and good-looking.

Are you those things too?

If so, send an email describing yourself to - along with a photo, please.

We'll meet with Miss Q right after we recover from New Year's, and if it seems like a match, we'll send you her photo and email address so you can get in touch with her like the proper gentleman you are.

If this experiment works we'll do it again, so if you'd like to be considered (or have a catch of a friend we should feature), let us know!