French Boys in Boxers


French retail chain Celio has solved a shopping dilemma. No longer must a femme wonder: What size? Boxer-clad Shoppenboys are present in the stores - and in all shapes and sizes - so you find your closest match and...voila!

It says it right there on his boxers: 44, 42, 32, whatever.

Not surprisingly, these guys - aged 17 to 63 - are a marketing dream of their own - not only do they have a theme song, but a calendar as well (featuring Julien, Laurent, Romain, Minh, another Julien, Nathanael, Guillaume, Herve, Jerome, Hugo, Emmanuel and another Laurent, all clad boxers, hanging around the house).

You can also watch videos of wanna-be Shoppenboys dancing around in their duds (although you may not want to).

And if you have Shoppenboy aspirations, here's the link to a training video to get you started.

For a list of Celio locations, click here.

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