Some Gossip & E-Mail Chatter

Doing the rounds on the wires earlier this week was a little item first published by The New York Post.

It seems that, despite all the doom and gloom over at Citi (and the unofficial hiring freeze on over there), a senior executive (and one who is said to have been involved in the decisions that resulted in those huge subprime lending-related losses) was recently able to promote his 'cute' chief-of-staff, and replace her with 'an equally cute hire'. Pretty cute that.

And finally, here's an interesting e-mail exchange which took place earlier this week between our editor and one of our readers:

READER: 'Hi, I just want to point out (to you) that there is a massive difference between 'firing' someone and 'making someone redundant'.

Our editor thought the reader had a point, and amended the item referred to.

READER: 'I complained the other day saying that there was a massive difference between making someone redundant and firing someone. I see you amended the article to '45,000 people getting 'canned''. I still think it is slightly offensive terminology'.

EDITOR: 'Well, if you ever get 'canned', 'fired', 'made redundant' or however else you'd like to refer to it, you can always come over here and be our editor!'. Until then...........

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