Holiday Dating Tips For Gents

Christmas Love - Hilde Vanstraelen

Christmas is fast approaching, and even the bright lights, the hustle bustle and the sparkly decorations can't disguise the fact that Christmas and romance go together, painfully emphasising the need for dates. And I don't mean the sticky fruity type.

How can you guarantee to find your very own Christmas angel, apart from lying in a bush of mistletoe or using chat up lines like "Would you like to see my Yule log?"

Become a Socialite
Christmas is an ideal time to get your glad rags on and dazzle at social gatherings. With coupled-up friends desperate to set you up, family reunions galore, and all your single friends wanting to party like it is 1999, you should be snowed under with options. I would recommend you get out there and do not turn down any invites. If you don't want to stay single, make sure you mingle; you never know who may be waiting under the mistletoe.

Join a Dating Agency
No longer riddle with stigma, a great way to find the perfect partner is to join a dating agency. You are too busy and too successful to waste time. Apparently there is a huge increase in agency memberships during the festive season, which is great news and means plenty more ladies to choose from.

Office Party
The office party is the perfect opportunity to impress on a more social level and out of the stressful environment of the workplace. Be yourself at the office party and enjoy mingling with as many colleagues and strangers alike. Don't talk about work and do not get drunk. Oh, and photocopying body parts is an absolute no-no.

Once you've found your Christmas angel, you need to impress her with an unforgettable date.


A great opportunity to wrap up all warm and show off you physical attributes. Skate around holding her, catch her when she falls and make her feel secure and protected. Finish off with a warming hot chocolate al fresco. Outside rinks are full of festive ambiance and guarantee a fun and cuddle filled adventure.

A cosy evening in front of the fire
What could be more romantic than lying together on a sheepskin rug in front of an open log fire? Chatting by candlelight, listening to soft music and sipping mulled wine creates the perfect setting for festive frolics. Just be careful not to get too close to the fire, as roasted chestnuts are not to everyone's taste!

Christmas shopping in Paris
So it's all going well and its time for the ultimate deal clincher. Tell her to meet you in the Great Hall at St. Pancras with her passport. Take the Eurostar to Paris and spend the day feasting on lobster, whispering sweet nothings under the Eiffel tower and sharing kisses at the Sacre Coeur.