Analyst Wants to Give Away £1000

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

When Morgan Stanley credit derivatives documentations analyst Rosa Estevez says she's going to give away £1000, our ears perk right up. Is there a catch? Well, always.

Here's the rub: Rosa doesn't have the money - yet. She's in the running to win our Badenoch & Clark Rising Stars in Financial Markets awards and the £1000 prize money that goes along with the trophy. Should she win, it's all going to charity.

Half of the money would go to Morgan Stanley's London charity of the year, Great Ormond Street Hospital; the other half would be earmarked for two US charities (Estevez started her career at Morgan Stanley on Wall Street).

Along with Morgan Stanley NY colleague Olga Serhiyevich, Rosa has a history of engaging others in the charity charge at the bank. The pair have been spearheading initiatives for ALPFA (The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting) and LLS, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, with full internal support.

Rosa and Olga say, "Being involved with ALPFA and LLS has been a great way to bond with like-minded colleagues, give back and feel really good about the firm we work for."

Morgan Stanley is also putting its money where its mouth is. The bank recently announced it has committed to raising £10 million for Great Ormond Street Hospital through corporate donation and employee fundraising over three years.

The funds will go towards the construction of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building within a new children's medical centre and represents the greatest single donation Great Ormond Street has ever received.

Now, the only question remaining is whether Rosa will be able to add to the pot.

To help her do just that, or indeed to help any of the other potential rising stars in the race, cast your vote in our Rising Stars in Financial Markets awards. We'd love to hear about your charitable giving efforts as well, so comment here or send us an email to