Spend Well and Ye Shall Get

Credit Card - Jan Roger Johannesen

Too many people spend too much money at the holidays, and we Shopaholics don't support this. Live within your means, we say! And if that means cava instead of champ so you can afford those shoes, so be it. But a better secret for saving follows...

Fool.co.uk's motto is Seriously Good With Money.

And if that's the case, then we aspire to be fools.

One thing they include is the regular feature, Latest Discounts And Deals.

You can check out the latest edition here, and to help encourage you in this nobel pursuit, here's a sample of what they include.

Spend £50 and get 1,000 extra Advantage Points between 3-9 p.m. on Thursday the 29th of November (and Wednesday in some locations, including Canary Wharf). Details of where and when here. We LOVE this promotion.

All cookery books are half price (and delivery is free in the UK)

Buy £4.25 cinema tickets for VUE Cinema London location

Body Shop
Free gift when you spend £25 (including a Mini Satsuma Body Butter, and we love satsumas and Body Butter, so we think this is a winner)

Spend more than £399 and get a year-long (2008) 2-for-1 card for for VUE Cinemas

John Lewis
Free delivery on orders placed now

Not bad, right?

And if it gets you closer to the shiny baubles your heart - and your sweetheart's heart - desire, then even better.

Happy smart shopping!