Think Before You Forward

New Email - Simon Stratford

An outcry to HITC's Soul Sister takes a look at chain emails sent by colleagues. How do you protect yourself, especially when you're sensitive to the poison some of them contain?

It's not really material for the Soul Sister, but in the interest of workplace happiness, we thought it very worthy of putting up.


I wanted to raise an issue that is perhaps familiar to most of you: getting well-masked dodgy chain emails that can be destructive buggers if you are sensitive or impressionable.

Of course these emails hit your office mail-box when you are in the middle of some very serious concentration, and as they are from people you know at the office (normally sitting five desks away), you open them, and then risk being slightly caught in a mental trap.

But to be honest, it takes an effort to get back my concentration, and I, for one, would not ruin my relations with anyone I've ever met by forwarding nonsensical stuff of such bad taste.

Can't banks absolutely ban any such emails, even if  alleging to be from Dalai Lama, instructing you to forward to other 5-20 victims??

Can't IT professionals stop such spam?

And shouldn't banks be more serious about employees engaging in such inappropriate conduct?

People who forward them from their work stations should be ostrasized for being sad cases. If I knew them socially, I would never speak to them again. But in the office, well, you have to, even though I believe their behaviour is worse than bullying and can be very destructive, depending on one's power of imagination.

And if you do open and read one before you notice, what's the best way of dealing with such nuisance in terms of not letting its treats and negative suggestions influence you psychologically?

Luckily this happens extremely rarely, but I got one today and am reminded of how horrible this behaviour is.

Many thanks for addressing/responding - but only if appropriate.

A fond reader (in distress :)