Write For Us, Reader!

Composition Book - Cris DeRaud

Finally, our calls are being heard. We've got some new blood pumping through this Life (site), but it's still not enough. And we won't be satisfied until there are more of you writing than us.

Here are a few story ideas to inspire you lot:

  • My Shrink Says I Need to be Heard
  • Corporate Hospitality at Emirates vs. Stamford Bridge
  • The Eurostar from St Pancras - As Fab As We Hope?
  • Lunching at the New Leon by Cannon Street
  • The Ski Resort that Delivers It All
  • The Website that Sorts Christmas Shopping
  • Indoor Rock Climbing in Londontown
  • My New iPhone - I (love/hate) It
  • The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in London
  • Why It's All About the Lib Dems

If you don't write them, we will.

But how boring is that?

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